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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Word Verification #9

Word Verification #9

Happy Hump Day!  Make the best of it.  It only happens once a week!

Here’s captcha #3 for the week.  Enjoy!


1.  To unite online, either in the form of dating or video gaming.
Ex: The World of Warcraft elves and dwarves enited to defeat the Orc Warlord boss.  (Sound nerdy?  It is.)

2.  The time spent online during the period of time between sunset and sunrise.
Ex: My enite was great.  I used the internet to pay some bills, do some blogging, and caught up on some reruns of Mork and Mindy.


AmberLaShell said...

hahaha, i had a great enite yesterday! great post!

check out my blog @

Jess said...

Love both of these. I'm afraid to tell the hubs about definition 1....he might start using it.

Rease said...

I'm having an enight right now. I've been sick all day and done nothing but work on my site and mess around online.

Cole Garrett said...

I would love to take an actual sick day from work, but I don't want to burn any PTO for it, lol.

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