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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Word Verification #10

Word Verification #10

Happy International Day of the Nacho!  Go getchya some!  Who can say no to nachos?

Here’s the fourth Captcha for the week.  Enjoy!


1.  A plate or bowl completely covered with advertising.
(By the way, if someone ever becomes a millionaire by inventing the AdDish, I’m claiming intellectual property!  You saw it here first!)

2.  Indeterminably, slightly more.
“Jack, did you add salt to the soup?  It’s really salty!”
Jack smiled awkwardly, “um.  Addish?”
Addish?”  Jill questioned.
“Yeah, just a little.” 


Jess said...

I give it three months before we start seeing infomercials on the AdDish!

Christine said...

My satellite tv might as well already be called an addish! Commercials everywhere!!!

AmberLaShell said...

lol that is a good one! :)

Chastity said...


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