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Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Funny

Not Funny

Are there any products you avoid buying because of something a company does or perhaps because of something they stand for?  Maybe you don’t buy Gap or Nike because of infamous child-labor-and/or-indentured-servent-esque­ lawsuits.  Perhaps you avoid Odwalla bottled drinks because once upon a time, a kid died from drinking it.  (I’ve got news for ya.  I’m fairly certain most foods kill at least one person some time or another.)  Well, I don’t have a personal list of A-list offenders, a “do not buy” list.  Some companies really make me think twice, though. 

Congratulations to Jack in the Box!  They’ve just recently scored some huge negative brownie points.  The first time I saw this commercial, I had to fully digest it before realizing just how appalling it is (no pun intended).  If you want to see the commercial, it was still up on the Jack in the Box website last Friday when I wrote this.  The beginning of the commercial is fine.  Jack is promoting his Pastrami sandwich by showing how much the focus group likes the new bread.  Then, he stumbles across a different focus group room in which two employees are hazing an intern by dunking him upside down in a vat of Strawberry Shake:

Really, Jack in the Box?  Really?  Hazing?  Hazing is absolutely not funny.  It never was and it never will be funny.  People have died in hazing incidents before (not at Jack in the Box, however, but still…).  I can’t believe this made it through to the airwaves. 

This commercial is in completely and utterly bad taste.  (Although that strawberry shake is looking pretty good right now…)


SintheaP. said...

Really not funny. A lot died here in the Philippines because of hazing. Stupid fraternities.


That's why I don't f@Ck with Jack-in-the-box!! He aint nothing but the devil! (Im scared Sh#tless of clowns so I can say that!)

Jane said...

They also had a kind of creepy commercial I saw yesterday.

Really? Was that necessary on any level?

Cole Garrett said...

@ Jane I agree. The Viagra joke is not necessary. At least the viagra joke was a little bit funny. Still, it had no place in a Jack in the Box commercial. It would be more suitable for something like SNL.

Jess said...

I'm with you on this. Some issues just really shouldn't be made into commercial humor.

this_shattered_symphony said...

I couldn't agree more. I saw this commercial the first time and all the went through my head was "what the fuck?". It's in incredibly poor taste.

AmberLaShell said...

when i saw this commercial i was like omg I can't believe they showed that on T.V., I mean there have been so much stuff on the news the last couple of years about hazing.. weird how having lots of money can make the critics turn the other way

Anonymous said...

I'm SO HAPPY to see that this commercial is in flames. It's disgusting and mocks those who have died during hazing in the past.

Gregory Wagner said...

Lol. You people are a bunch of politically correct wusses! Most hazings DON'T always end up in some sort of tragedy. Alot of them for a matter of fact are pretty light compared to the ones who might get a bit carried away, and it ends up bad, but those are fairly rare instances. As for the commercial, it was funny as hell, imo!

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