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Friday, October 22, 2010

Word Verification #11

Word Verification #11

Happy International Stuttering Awareness Day!  (You don’t know how bad I wanted to make a joke about that.)  Just know that if you have breast cancer and a stutter, everyone is really thinking about you today!  J

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy Captcha number five to kick it off!


1.  A home to a collection many gorgeous women. 
Ex: That sorority is awesome!  It’s a Grade-A dimenest!

2.  Hugh Hefner’s house.


AmberLaShell said...

LOL, that one is funny... I also took it to the drugs end and a person who has sell on small bags of weed,,, a dimenest

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jennie said...

Bahaha - Nice one!

Jess said...


Cole Garrett said...

Thanks, Jess.

By the way. I'm going to get around to posting about the blog award you gave me a few weeks back. I've just been over-the-top busy, lately. I haven't forgotten, though. :)

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