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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Raking Up the Past

First off... It has been so very long since writing a post.  Glad to be back!

I had a very revealing chore to do the other day: raking.  Let me explain.   When my wife and I moved into our house, the yard was in bad shape.  Not only was it not kept up during the time the home was vacant, it was also abused by the previous owner.  Anyway, I finally got around to chopping down the forest that erupted from the bushes in the front yard and then had to rake all the branches and leaves and junk out from under and around them.  I was expecting to find leaves, branches, weeds, maybe some bugs... but I got way more.  I had already painted a picture in my head of what kind of people the previous owners were, but with every dirty old knick-knack I pulled out from the bushes, I grew more and more confused.  Among the refuse, I found:

Hot Wheels Car
Beer Bottle Lid and partially broken bottle attached
Margarita mix pouch
Nerf Gun ammunition
7 foot aluminum pole
Small decorative american flag
Chop sticks
Crushed beer can
Twinkie wrapper
Light bulb
Dog chew toy (still squeaky)

I get the margarita mix and beer cans, they liked to drink and had no problem throwing their garbage into the bushes.  They probably had kids and a dog, hence the toys.  They were obviously very American, what with the twinkies and take-out chopsticks.  But the pole?  Why in the heck was there a big metal pole laying down behind the bushes?  Well, since I know the previous owners weren't firemen, all I can assume is that they were beer-loving-margarita-sloughing-Chinese-take-out-loving-dog-caring-Twinkie-scarfing-patriotic-parents who ran a strip club out of their house. . . . or something like that.

That's the best I can guess.  :)  Anyone have any other ideas?

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