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That's right.  Since my award collection became greater than 1, I figured it would be a good time to start putting them all in one place.  So without further ado, this is my cyber trophy case (please don't touch the exhibits):

A Blog With Substance
I'm kind of partial to this one because it is my first award.  It also makes me feel good because I seriously try my best to put genuine, whole-hearted, original content on my blog.  It's nice to know someone else out there thinks I'm doing exactly that which I set out to do.

From:  Booyabobby

The Versatile Blogger
I can appreciate this.  I have quite a caboodle of thoughts rattling around in my head.  Gladly, it's a bunch of different stuff making it into my posts, not the same old thing over and over.

From:  Jess

The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award
Hmm... I guess I don't know what to say.  I traced this award all the way back to it's beginning.  Apparently, the awardees' qualifications are at the awarder's discretion.  It's nice to know that somehow that chain of discretion made its way to me.  :)

From:  AmberLaShell

The Versatile Blogger
This sort of drives a point home, doesn't it?  Like I mentioned before, I try to keep my blog interesting.  I suppose I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.  (I'm actually thinking about a vlog sometime soon.)  That should throw all of you for a curve!

From:  Cyn

Fall 2010 Favorites
This is my first fall blogging.  What can I say, I'm very happy to be considered someone's favorite so soon.  Thanks, Jess.  Things like this really encourage me to keep blogging.  (And, I think I like writing now even more than when I first started.)

From:  Jess


Well, this is half true.  I Speak my mind and I hold no regrets for doing so.  I do, however, continue to try to keep my blog as friendly as possible.  This birdie is probably the most profane thing I've posted on Dry Humor Daily.  If that is the case, I'm okay with that.  :)

From:  Thundercat


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