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Monday, September 20, 2010

Suggestions Welcome

Suggestions Welcome!

I've been making small changes around my blog, lately, some more noticeable than others.  I wanted to point out one in particular.  It's called "The box":

It's a suggestion box.  If there is anything in the world you would like a Dry Humor Daily perspective on, just let me know.  I could always use a good idea for a post (and of course you'll get a shout-out and a link-back in return).  You just click it and your default email provider should create a new email message addressed to me with "Suggestion" in the subject line.  Then, just type your post suggestion and send it!  (And of course, keep a lookout for the response post.)

Until tomorrow!  :)


Mei said...

So I clicked on it, and it tried to set up Outlook on my computer. Bleh.
I want to know why Blogger's Blog of Note picks the most random blogs. Today's blog of note is a lady who makes really creepy dolls. Yuck!

Cole Garrett said...

LOL. Now I'm gonna go check it out.

And as far as your default email & outlook. Well, you'd have to change the settings in your control panel to default to whatever you use. Straight email works, too.

Ella Unread said...

Cool, I might drop all my crazy ideas there :P

Cole Garrett said...

I can't wait! :)

Vic said...

Love this! I'll be sure to jump in! Joining from 20sb:) enjoy the week

Kate Weber said...

I so want to add something the "the box" (that sounds epic). I'll be keeping an eye out for things to suggest. :)


I'm afraid to post a suggestion box...people might tell me to STFU lmfao! Good job in the blog its so clean and neat...I might "jack" a few ideas lmfao

Vic said...

It wont let me click on it:(

Cole Garrett said...

Hmm... Without outlook, I think it's a little weird. I guess just regular email works.

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