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Monday, September 27, 2010

Impossible Savings

Impossible Savings

You’ve seen all of the commercials . . .

Let me see if I understand correctly.  If I take my current annual premium for auto insurance, $1,380, then knock of 15% by switching to GEICO, I’ll only pay $1,173 per year. 

Then I switch to All State and save another $348.  Now I’m at $825.  So if I switch to AAA, then to Progressive, and finally to State Farm, then I’ll be paying negative $564*!  So does that mean they’re paying me to drive my car around? 

What are we all waiting for!?  Get to switchin’!


Anonymous said...

That's the way it should be instead of forcing everyone to have insurance!!! Our government is dumb enough to think that everyone can actually pay for bull shit that most of us never use!!!

THANKS you piece of s*#t democrats!!

Ups Downs All Arounds said...

Haha! Right!?! I vote for them paying me to drive!

Jess said...

I WISH it worked that way. Auto insurance is thievery! Ridiculous.

jennie said...

Ah-ma-zing! Do it!

Sarah said...

I agree, that would be totally awesome! Oh wait, there's no discount for agreeing with you, is there? :)

Cole Garrett said...

@ Sarah - No, but if there WERE a discount for agreeing with me, I'd give it to you! :)

Dani said...

I used to be insured with Allstate, until I was 25 and my dad handed over a bill for $625 (6 months). I couldn't even believe that he would pay so much to insure my car (it's not that great). I insurance shopped and went with Country...I pay about $470 every 6 months now and have way better coverage.

BTW love your!

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