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Friday, September 24, 2010

Word Verification #1

Word Verification #1

I try to make it out there and comment on lots of other blogs.  I’m starting to discover that the more you put into the blogsphere, the more you ultimately get out of it.  As silly as it sounds, even commenting can be different among all of those blogs out there.  Some people monitor the comments that come through their sites.  In other words, they read all submitted comments and upon approval, publish them.  Other bloggers, myself included, just let ‘em fly!  No filtering. 

There’s another method of filtering out comments which is built into most blogging platforms.  It’s called word verification.  Maybe you’ve heard of captcha?  You know, that squiggly or blurry word that you have to read and type in order to do something secure on some websites?  (I don’t have it activated on Dry Humor Daily.)  It’s a way to deter computer programs from systematically spamming blogs via comments.  Anyway, most of the time, they aren’t real words.  It’s designed that way.  They’re seemingly random combinations of letters and each verification software is a little different.  Well, sometimes, those random letters form what look almost like legitimate words. 

One day, I started taking screen shots of the almost-words.  Now, I’m starting a series of defining them for you in my own words.  Every time I find another good one, you’ll soon see a post about it.  So here’s the first one:


1. Of or pertaining to the portion of a waffle not in excess of 50% and no less than half

2. The act of being partially indecisive

3. Highly baffled


Kate Rowan said...

I love it! Fantastic!

Gina said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I do the exact same thing. Well, I don't take the screen shots, but I do try to invent words for the nearly-words I find in word-verification. I also will usually add my word/ definition to the comment I'm posting. See? I'm generous like that.

My habit has so far broken at least three bloggers (that I know of) to turn off the WV feature.

In case I didn't love your blog before... I officially do now.

Cole Garrett said...

Thanks Kate and Gina!


Kate said...

That is hilarious! Word play is so fun!

Ella Unread said...

Omg this is bizarre!!! I saved a word last night to invent its meaning and blog about it! damn! Now I won't do it 'cuz it will lack originality...shoot...can I contribute to your feature? :P It's a good word, sophisticated for sure, it's "exidia".

Anonymous said...

LOL You are wonderfully retarded. I love it!

Jess said...

Sometimes I wish some bloggers would screen their comments. I hate the people who comment the generic "Hey! Loved the post! Come check out my blog at"
It's obvious they're not reading the posts.

Love the idea of creating definitions! That was funny! Look forward to learning more new "captcha" words!

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