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Friday, September 3, 2010

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

I don’t get hooked on network television too often.  (And I’d like to keep it that way.)  And since LOST finished a few months ago, I’ve been overwhelmingly happy not to be tied to the TV.  Well, by coincidence, I caught a few acts of this year’s America’s Got Talent.  And sure enough, I find it entertaining enough to keep on watching . . . shamelessly.  The show sort of reminds me of the types of magic stage shows we used to watch when I was young.  (The difference is: I think there may possibly be even more commercials now than back in the 90s.) 

Something does fundamentally bother me about America’s Got Talent, however. . .

That is, none of the judges are American!!

That’s right.  Piers Morgan is British.  Sharon Osbourne is British.  And Howie Mandel is (are you ready for this?) Canadian.  I realize that the show is indeed searching for talent in America, not particularly by Americans, but give me a break.  Why not just name the show, “Great Britain, Aided by Canada, is in the US, Looking for Talent.”  It seems a little more appropriate to me. 

If you haven’t watched the show, but you’re at least slightly interested, now would be a good time to start.  The judges, as non-American as they may be, have successfully weeded out most of the acts you’d probably rather skip anyway.  The following is a list of what’s left which is worth watching:

Jackie Evancho – she’s 10 years old and creepily sounds like a season, 30-year-old opera singer

Prince Poppycock – if you can stand the flamboyance, he has a great voice and an entertaining routine

Fighting Gravity – they get credit for originality, definitely worth seeing before their inevitable vote-off

I hope that helps make up your mind, in case you were on the fence about whether to watch America’s Got Talent.  If so, enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

we should band together and judge other countries talents... like that prison down in the Philippines!!! now that's talent!!!

Cole Garrett said...

And we can call it, "America Needs Talent"

Jess said...

I think the name you suggested is brilliant... and funny.

Jenni M. said...

Correction - Piers is Irish. (You must have missed that episode a few weeks ago...)

Cole Garrett said...

Keen eye. However, from what I understand, he is Ethnically Irish, but since he was born in England, his nationality is British.

If he claims to be Irish, then I suppose that's what we should believe. :)

(If there was something said in an episode a few weeks ago, I must have missed it. LOL)

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