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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seven Whys

Seven Whys

Kate, from I Dream Loudly, ceremoniously chose me to continue a trend of bloggers making lists of seven things.  (Thank you, Kate.)  No rules, just a list of seven things.  It’s something new for me.  I’ll take a crack at it!

So I thought, why not “whys?”  After all, it’s a good opportunity to use the word “whys” multiple times in the same post.  And I’m always having wandering thoughts which typically end in the same age-old question: why.  Without further ado, the following is a list of seven things I’ve just happened to be wondering about lately:

#1 Why don’t they just call polar bears “North Polar Bears?”  If you ask me, the current name is misleading.

#2 Why does the New York Times use the phrase “Best Seller?”  I mean, really, can’t there be only one book that is the best seller?  I think they should call them “Really, Really Good sellers.”

#3 Why is curiosity uniquely lethal to felines?  I don’t see a connection.

#4 Why do we still use the term “rush hour?”  Everyone knows that there is really only about one hour out of the day when you can drive freely.  3 AM.

#5 Why don’t we call laptop computers something more appropriate?  Like desktop computers.  (What?  Desktop is already taken?  Well, crap.  That was all I could think of…)

#6 Why don’t we all start calling airbags what they really are?  Gas bags.  Nitrogen is usually what inflates them, not regular ol’ air.

#7 Why are ice cubes designated as cubes?  Most of the ice I’ve ever seen is rectangularly prismatic or some other obscure polyhedron.  Or crushed.  (I know rectangularly isn’t a word, by the way.)

So there.  Straight from my brain to yours: my seven . . . things list.


Kate Rowan said...

Great stuff! I love it!

Mei said...

The funny thing is that the original challenge was a vlog about the 7 things. However, since I refuse to vlog, I forgot to put it in my post.
To make up for this, I require you to do an interperative dance in vlog form about your list so we can perpetuate the madness.
<3 Mei

Cole Garrett said...

LOL, even though it sounds like an excuse, I don't have a webcam to even make an interpretive dance video if I wanted to. Maybe some day...

bryana said...

Why do we still use the term “rush hour?” Everyone knows that there is really only about one hour out of the day when you can drive freely. 3 AM.
that is perfect! I refuse to call it rush hr here in dc it's just traffic. Your not "rushing" anywhere!

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