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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hold It!

Hold It!

This week is quickly turning into safety week.

Monday = don't eat food from modest restaurants.
Tuesday = cross your fingers that gravity doesn't suddenly get stronger.
Today =

First of all, it's funny that idiot #1 is waiting for the idiot #2 to come swinging down with a sledge hammer in the direction of his skull.  Upon closer inspection . . . look at where idiot #2 is standing.  :)


I have an award to dish out today and tomorrow!  Today, I'm about a week behind on this one:  

This is from Kara at Visions unto myself.  She has recently worked her way into my own reading stack.  So... thank for the award, and thank you for making me laugh.  Now, to follow suit, I will also divulge three secrets about myself and pass this on to three others:

1.  I have both Justin Timberlake CD's (as well as the "I'm Lovin' It" single from before he sold it to McDonald's) . . . and I know most of the words.  Before you go publicly denouncing me and un-following my blog, please understand that I don't really go out of my way to listen to them on my iPod, but I don't necessarily skip the songs when they come on during shuffle either.

2.  I like to cook.  I make brownies from scratch, as in eggs, flower, sugar, etc.  No box mix.  And I make a killer apple pie.  It's kind of a family recipe.  One of us (me or my brothers) has to do it.

3.  I want to be a teacher when I retire from my 30 or 40 years of corporate career-hood.  I want to teach Math or English or History.  Actually, it really doesn't matter what.

So here are the three lucky stylish recipients:

1.  Stephanie @ Seriously??...Reeeally?...Seriously?
2.  Tsaritsa @ The Tsaritsa Sez
3.  Kristin @ Diary of KFun



lmfao This makes me glad I went to college lol

AmberLaShell said...

the world is full of them. Did you get this pic from the idiots that built the stadium? that wouldn't suprise me.

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