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Thursday, January 20, 2011



The super bowl is coming to town in a couple weeks so everywhere you look, it's football, football, football!  It's never been to Dallas (as far as I know) and let me just say, you could be living under a rock and you'd still know about it.  Everyone, everywhere is trying to sell super bowl stuff.  (Quite frankly, it's already getting old.)

Well, McDonald's stepped up to the plate this week, too, by reviving its 50 McNugget deal for $9.99.  That's right . . . fifty.  Five - zero.  Granted, it's meant for sharing, but . . . this is America.  You know some people could will down those all by themselves.  The number of nuggets isn't what bothers me, though, it's something else: the price.

50 nuggets for 10 bucks comes out to basically twenty cents per nugget.  Now, think about what goes into a nugget: The chicken (supposedly), the cost of feeding and raising that chicken, the transportation cost, the cost of processing it, breading it, freezing it, frying it, and the box to put it in for you.  And let's assume that McDonald's is at least making some profit on each buggit-o'-nuggits.  What's wrong with this picture?

The industry separates chickens into many categories, like broiler, roaster, free range, and squab.  But how does McDonald's get their chicken so cheap?  (That really is a question, I don't know.)  Do they have a special grade of chicken they get?  Like never-sees-the-light-of-day chicken?  Or genetically altered chickens that have breading instead of feathers?  They gotta cut cost somewhere. . .

Well, I can't speak for sure about McDonald's inter-workings and corporate bargaining which allows them to sell nuggets at such a discount, but I do know one thing: they're making a McKilling on  them!



If you can down 50 damn filthy McNuggets all by yourself, you deserve a punch in the throat and a McHeart attack! ---I approve this public service announcement lol

Christine said...

I remember "Supersize Me" saying something about the chickens being genetic mutations or something...I've gotta watch that again to find out for sure...

AmberLaShell said...

I know exactly what you mean, it's football EVERYWHERE out here! And, No Dallas has never hosted a super bowl because the old staduim (which I live near, and it still makes me sad to see it gone) wasn't big enough to hold that many people. which is why jerry built the damn thing anyway. Anyway, the chicken has to be like leftover chicken nobody uses or something. eww.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's all the above with the chickens. I was watching one one of those food inc documentaries and they were talking about how the major fast foods get their chickens from genetically altered, never-seen-the-light-of-day, don't even know how to walk because they were scientifically altered to grow faster than their legs could develop, sitting away their lives in their own filth, organs-can-barely-support-their-life chickens. That's why they get them so cheap. They might as well be baby chicks in huge bodies. Mighty unhealthy.

Also, I had a friend on Facebook yesterday post about getting the 50 piece McNuggets. Yes, he did get them for himself. No, it didn't surprise me. Yes, it did still gross me out.

Cole Garrett said...

@ Anonymous ... I was hoping no one would know, lol. Thanks for the insight.

@ Thundercat Sounds vicious. But hey, maybe that's what that McNugget woofer needs!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymus ... After The FOOD INC. I went veg.

This $9,99 deal is wrong on so many levels but there are enough people outside willing to pay for it and EVEN to eat this stuff.


StephanieC said...

Yeah, the genetic stuff they do to the chicks makes them grow to something like 2.4 times the size of their non-hormonally-effed-up ancestor chickens.

It's quite sad. They can't walk because their legs are too weak/small to support their massive weight.


Now, pre-veg (going on 21 years ago now), I'd have happily eaten 50 mcnuggets til the death. Man, ignorance is bliss!

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