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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Double Up

Double Up

You know... they make longer ladders, too:

Also, I wanna know where I can get some free gas, too.
And I have this award that I'm finally getting around to posting about.  It came from Stephanie over at Seriously??... Reeeally?... ... Seriously?.  If you're into soap shards, shiny poop, and the hidden dangers of singing on Rock Band, then rock on over and check her out!  Er,  . . . um, I mean check her blog out. . . (or whatever floats your boat...)  So here's the award:

I know it's fruity and pink, but I'm secure enough in my man-hood to accept.  I need to share 5 guilty pleasures and pass it on to three other irresistibly sweet bloggers.

1. Miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
2. Starbucks Coffee
3. Watching Naruto
4. Chocolate anything
5. Sleeping in on the weekend

And my three recipients:



lmfao I will be super pissed to find out that the guy DIDN'T fall and bust his ass wide open!!!! lol

Kara Hoag said...

Gave you an award.

Kate Weber said...

Oh man am I behind the times! Stupid me moving! It's put me so behind on blog stuff! Thanks for the award, doll! You're so sweet! And that picture makes me hungry. Grrr. (The award picture. Not the ladder. Though... death and death related injuries make my stomach growl.)

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