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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wedding Week: Monday

Based on readers' suggestions, I've been posting themed weeks lately.  Two weeks ago was funny restaurant signs (check out the archives if you need to).  Last week was strange words.  This week is going to be about weddings.  More particularly, it will be about wedding stuff.

It may seem like kind of a random topic, but it's not.  In case you may not know, I'm getting married in about 5 weeks, so needless to say, wedding stuff is often on the brain.  I like to think you can find humor in any and everything.  Weddings, of course, are no exception.  (I also used to work at a place that hosted a lot of weddings, so I've been to a disproportionately high number of them.)

Let's talk about wedding favors.  I've seen pretty much everything.  I've seen candies, bubbles, picture frames, flowers, and everything in between.  One wedding I had worked at even handed out customized bottles of wine to each guest as they left.  (They even had two varieties!!)  The concept of wedding favors got me thinking: what do your wedding favors say about you?

Wedding favors are meant to be a "thank you for coming to our wedding" sort of thing.  For the most part, they make sense.  "Thanks for coming to our wedding, here's some candy."  "Thanks for coming to our wedding, here's a bouquet of flowers."  But Jordan almonds?  What crazy loons came up with that?  (Italians did, in case you're wondering.)  Jordan almonds are basically sugar/candy-coated almonds.  They are supposed to signify the bittersweetness of married life.  My response: what the heck kind of metaphor is that?!  The bittersweetness of married life?  Does that mean married couples are canoodling, soft, and sweet on the outside, but hard and bitter on the inside?  How charming. . .  I know married life usually isn't a fairy tale, always pixie dust and lemonade, but come on.  Let's at least lie to ourselves on the day of the wedding!

(I won't rant much longer, I promise.  One wedding favor that always made me laugh was the bubbles.  You know, the bubbles you're supposed to blow at the bride and the groom as they're leaving so they have some fun pictures of the send off?  Yeah.  No favor says "thanks for coming to our wedding" like bubbles.  "Hey, do us a favor and blow some bubbles as we leave for our honeymoon.")

In case you're curious, we're having home-made cupcakes as our wedding favors.  Also, if you're lucky enough to be off of work today for president's day, then have a nice day off!  (I'm jealous!)


daniela said...

Personally, I've always like the idea of the personalized bottle of wine. Which probably costs a pretty penny, but since I'm nowhere near getting married, I'm ok with thinking about it extravagantly.

Home-made cupcakes sound like a wonderful idea!! And I am now craving cupcakes LOL So how big is the wedding-cupcake-baking team??! :)

Claire said...

*snickers* Almonds are a damned bitter outlook, I'll say that. The cupcakes seem like a much better idea. :)
I really like the new blog layout. It's probably been around awhile, but it's very classy!

Kara Hoag said...

I have dirtied my share of dresses from those damned bubbles. Those are my least favorite thing to get at a wedding.

visions unto myself

StephanieC said...

I got engaged last Saturday.

We've agreed no favours. Call us a-holes, but the cost vs. whether or not your guests give a crap about the favour doesn't make it seem worthwhile to us. We usually throw out the favour (while feeling guilty).

So... yeah. And just basic centre pieces. We're cheap like that, yo.

And bittersweet almonds DO seem like an awful idea (sorry inventers).


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