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Monday, February 28, 2011

Express Mail

Express Mail

No themed week this week.  I've taken a few funny pictures I'd like to share, as well as some screen shots I've taken from my favorite news sources.

I took this picture outside of our local post office:

That is a trash can.  In case you can't read it, it says "Express Mail: Next Day Service."  I've tried to figure this out in my head over and over, but I can't.  Why the heck would they label a trash can with an express mail advertisement?  I wonder how much mail has been literally dumped over the years.  I'm guessing the post-office-budget-committee-circa-1972 discussion went something like this:

Director:     "Johnson!  How do we cut costs?  The feds are breathing down our necks!"
Johnson:     "Um, let's see. . . "
Director:     "I don't have all day, Johnson.  Make it snappy!"
Johnson:     "Well, um, we could make the trash cans look like drop boxes."
Director:     "Hmm. . . I like your thinking."
Johnson:     "Thank you, sir."
Director:     "Get someone on it.  Now what do we do about the agonizingly long wait times?"


Claire said...

That's some pretty honesty humor. I've definitely had mail become 'lost', both on the sending and receiving end. This could be their long lost home!

Jess said...

What made that great is I could totally picture that conversation, 60s ties and cigars in a boardroom included.

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