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Friday, February 11, 2011

Funny Restaurant Sign Week 5

I've been waiting (and secretly laughing) all week for this sign.  I wanted to post this on Friday so it could be seen all weekend:

And the best part is the after phrase at the top... "come on in..."  Do you think they sell fruit cake?


Bothered said...

Great sign. What do they actually sell there? They do look pretty happy though.

nireenoel said...

love your blog..hilarious!

Cole Garrett said...

I'm not sure what they actually sell there. Every time I think to google it, I'm at work, and um . . . I probably shouldn't be googling buttyboys at work, LOL.

Amy said...

Such a great blog. This is amazing, you need to find out what they sell.
In my city there is a "gentleman's club" with blacked out windows and rainbows all over it called the Alt Sex Cafe, and it has a sign outside saying "we don't sell coffee." Makes you wonder how many people went in there trying to get a drink before they had to put the sign up.

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Syida said...

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