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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding Week: Tuesday

Wedding cake.  (Need I say more?)  My favorite thing about any wedding reception is the cake.  Hands down.  It can be white cake, chocolate cake, hazelnut, tres leches, who cares!  Just roll out the cake.  If you ask me, almost everything about a reception can be mediocre, but if the cake is good great, the rest can be forgiven.

There's only one problem I have with cake: the recent trend with grooms' cakes.  I'm okay with the fact that there is one.  I mean, come on, the more cake the better.  I just think it's funny when they have a theme.  (If you had a themed groom cake in your wedding, I'm sorry.  If you're planning on one, reconsider.)  I'm going to try to say the nicest thing I can say about them: they're silly.

Your wedding is not the time to boast what college you went to or how much you love Batman, so why would you have a cake to show it?  "Yay, we're getting married . . . it's the happiest day of our lives . . . let's have some cake that looks like a giant  . . . um . . . fish."  I'll pass.  (This isn't a joke.  I really saw a fish-shaped groom's cake, once.  And no, I didn't eat it.)  Rest assured our cakes are normal: one white, one chocolate, no theme.

Do you have any wedding cake stories?  :)


Susan said...

Oh come on, you have to love red velvet armadillo cakes. :)

Cole Garrett said...

@ Susan LOL. Maybe red velvet amaretto!

Shannon said...

I went to a wedding in 09 that had a star wars themed grooms cake. Sadly I must say they even left the chapel to the star wars theme song.....needless to say it was an interested wedding.

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