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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Roadside Attraction

I don't usually order hot dogs at a fast food restaurant:

but I'm almost intimidated enough by this one not to.  

Note:    That is one patriotic hot dog.
Note2:  That is one funny shaped burger.


jos xx said...

good one!!!!

jos xx

Nas said...

Hah! I like your blog. :D.

And you're right, that is one weird looking burger.

Kate Weber said...

Hot dogs with faces always freak me out. said...

Why is he putting his own ketchup and mustard on himself? He WANTS to be eaten?

He's a sick, freak with blue eyes and a flag on his back.

Krissy said...

That hot dog looks freakin' mad! I'm not sure I'd eat there at all. Is he putting on war paint? That's really inviting.. ummm, not!

Cole Garrett said...

@ Kate Yeah, any food with a face freaks me out
@ Jos Thanks
@ Nas THanks for the kudos
@ ShanimalsCrackers Wouldn't YOU want to be eaten if YOU were a hot dog?
@ Krissy I also generally avoid angry looking foods, LOL

Jess said...

Food with human characteristics freaks me out.

Secure Hosting said...

That's also the definition of an oxymoron. Get your burger, but here's a hot dog. It also kind of looks angry. What happened to happy food mascots?

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