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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beta Testers Needed!

Beta Testers needed!

I mentioned not too long ago that I was working on a top-secret website project.  I’m almost ready to go live with it, but I’m looking for some beta testers.  I have one already, the awesome blogger over @ colorful rants … . 

Here’s the pitch from the site’s home page (still under construction).
“Blog Treader is an exciting, upstart community where bloggers can promote their sites for free!  The goal is to bring you more readers without the cost of traditional advertising.  How?  It's quite simple!

See that blue, rounded box in the sidebar?  That's your ticket to promoting your blog on a growing number of other members' blogs!  All you have to do is put that gadget in your own sidebar and in return, your badge gets put into the mix to be randomly displayed on every other gadget!

So for example, if there were 100 members, your blog badge (basically your ad) would be displayed on 100 different blogs.  (Remember, it didn't cost you a thing, either!)  Now if there were 1,000 members . . . the sky's the limit!
If you’re cool and you want to try it, I’ll even make you a special color-schemed gadget for your website.  (Check out the one I made for Dry Humor Daily.)  Just email me @ and I’ll add your badge and hook you up with your specialized gadget code for your blog.  Even if you don’t have a badge, I can help you out with that, too. 

Thanks everyone!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'd love a button for my wee blog.

I don't do coding. I'm a HTML idiot!

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