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Monday, March 7, 2011



Try to sound this out:

 . . . "Grow-"
 . . . "Growin'-"
 . . . "Growin' Dyke"

Is that it?  Sounds right to me!  The word sounds like a butch lesbian that's getting bigger.

I see one of these trucks almost every time I stop for gas at QT and I snicker every time I see it.  (I know, it's childish.)  Part of me feels a little bit bad for making fun of someone's name, but . . . I'd probably make fun of my own name, too, if there were any potential.

Any other unfortunate names you can think of that you see used in businesses?


Elizabeth Mueller said...

Lol! You make me laugh! Thanks! Btw, welcome to the A-Z challenge! It's going to be fun! ;)

♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

ps-im a new follower! ;)

Cole Garrett said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by!!!

I'm STOKED about the A-Z challenge. I'm just excited to have a topic for a whole month. Sometimes it's hard to think of things to write!

Anonymous said...

Not quite a business, but yesterday at work someone came by with the last name Stupplebean. We had to snicker at it.

Cole Garrett said...

@ Anonymous Hee hee . . . Stupplebean. :)

Makes me think of Shrek 3 when the servants name is fiddlesworth or something like that.

Jess said...

Yeah I totally laughed at that one. Excellence.

Anonymous said...

You're mispronouncing it. it is "Groan-dyke"-- it's Dutch. And we are offended.

Anonymous said...

**or, as they say in the old country, Grooondyke.

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