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Monday, March 21, 2011

Keep em Clean

Short and sweet posts this week.  I'm getting married this Sunday so as you can imagine, I'm a little busy.  But I've got some funny pictures all lined up for this week.  Hopefully, some of these are new to you.  Enjoy!  :)

Special, this week only!

Because they need it!


Kate Weber said...

Congrats on the wedding! I'm trying to think all of all of the cliche wedding wishes, but I'm drawing a blank. Just know that whenever you hear a wedding wish cliche this weekend, it's really coming from me! ;)

Cole Garrett said...

LOL, Thanks Kate. I'll keep you in my cliche-wedding-wish thoughts. :)

theTsaritsa said...

hahaha, that's hilarious

THUNDERCAT832 said...

lmfao that's a hot mess! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks old people smell like moth balls, coffee, and vapor rub o.O

StephanieC said...

@Thundercat *shuddering at mental whiff of moth balls*

Happy Marriage, Cole!

I was in the hospital for a while, but I am willing to try out your blog thingie. I just don't understand it.



Matt Baxter said...

Congratulations on the impending nuptials, Cole. I can say personally that marriage is a great thing. I'll ask my wife and see if she agrees.

Cole Garrett said...

Thanks everyone!

And Matt, I hope she takes it the right way! LOL

jennie said...

Shut up, this is HILARIOUS! I actually "guffawed."

Congrats on the wedding! Also congrats on Blog Treader! It looks GREAT!!

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