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Monday, December 6, 2010



Have you ever sent an email and promised an attachment, but forget to actually attach something?  (You're not alone.)  Then, you have to post-proclaim your brain lapse by writing a follow-up email, usually containing a "duh" or an "oops."  Sounds intelligent, doesn't it?

If this sounds like you, I have a solution:  Gmail.  (I promise Dry Humor Daily is not a google spokesperson.  They just keep coming up with good stuff!)  Here's a message you might get from gmail if you forget your attachment:

I remember thinking, as a matter of fact, I did mean to attach something.  Thanks, gmail!  (I might have actually said it out loud to myself.)  Anyway, pretty cool, huh?  From now on, I don't have to be that person: the notorious attachment-forgetter.  

What will they come up with next?  (Hopefully, teleportation or light sabers, you know, something cool like that!)


Kate Weber said...

Ah... I've done this so many times. And while I love Google for so many reasons (their search is the best, and I love Chrome) I just can't get into Gmail... I've tried and while I do like some things about it (this would be one of them) I just can't get into it. Maybe it's that I can never find a 'delete' button when I need it. I don't know.

Christine said...

Wow...another sign that Google is taking over the world...but pretty neat feature!

Jess said...

I used to do this repeatedly at my former job. Drove people crazy. I was the "attachment-forgetter girl." Nice, I know.

I may have to switch to Gmail now.

Claire said...

I feel like that "oops" feeling does a fine job of representing my life.
I did that once this morning already! said...

There are other great features: gmail>settings>labs
I like:
Wrong Bob
Flickr previews
Mail Goggles (prevents drunk emailing)
Undo Send (see a typo just as you hit send? Quick! unsend!)

More Google magic: Chrome will automagically translate webpages. Very useful when shopping for Russian brides.

JBUDD NEWS said...


Rease said...

This is such great news! Once, I forgot to almost attach a resume after I just told the job how detail oriented I was. Luckily, I caught it in time but it's good to know that gmail now has my back for future errors.

Diana said...

YES! I love this feature. So many times I have said, "Why, yes I did mean to attach something. Thank you for catching that."

Sam said...

I've received this message! And I was very grateful for it too as it was an important email that I did not want to screw up. :)

Girly said...

I was SOOO happy the first time this message popped up for me, as I was sending an essay to a professor. Yay for my email saving me from looking stupid.

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