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Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Why didn't I post yesterday?  It's because I was busy unlocking my iPhone.  Yes!!!

I used to have AT&T and an iPhone that someone gave to me.  I eventually dropped my AT&T service, but continued to use the phone as a glorified iPod.  It has been working great for a long time.  I have T-Mobile, now, which the iPhone can be unlocked for, but I never tried to unlock my iPhone because I didn't want to jack it up.  (After all, it was making perfectly good music while I wrote Dry Humor Daily.  Why would I want to?)  

Anyway, I was updating the firmware on the iPhone in order to use some wireless headphones I purchased.  Bad move!  iTunes forgot to mention that when you restore your iPhone in order to update the firmware, you have to reactivate it with AT&T!  (In other words, I couldn't even use it to play music any more...)  My reaction was something like this:


"Son of a . . . . ."


*Long sigh*

Then it occurred to me that I officially had nothing to lose by risking jailbreaking my device.  So I did some extensive reading and decided on a method on how to do it and got to work.  And voila!  Music and the ability to text like white lightning!  I'm in a happy place, now.  :)


Rease said...

My boss sent me to a giant phone store to get his already unlocked iPhone activated. It's even more annoying/difficult here in Argentina. Congratulations on your win!

Cole Garrett said...

Why not just do it online? I couldn't believe how easy it was.

Jess said...

My cousin jailbroke her iPhone, and she keeps telling me I should do it to mine, but I'm too much of a chicken. Like the iPhone police are going to come arrest me for messing with my phone....

I'm such a loser.

Jon said...

I am SO glad we can't get cell phone service up here (other than near town). Internet is via satellite.

theTsaritsa said...

Nice!! Glad you were able to break it free.

AmberLaShell said...

I have never had anything as fancy as an I-Phone, and honestly wouldn't want to get at&t service to get one! Good just breaking it out of jail though!

Anonymous said...

AT&T has a "lock" on all iPhones in the United States. (If you buy it in another country, it comes already unlocked. Most other countries use it on T-Mobile.)

It being "locked" to AT&T was in agreement laid out in the contract with Apple for the iPhone.

Apple owns iTunes, therefore, they are legally obligated to "lock" your phone back to AT&T during updates/restores. (It definitely does SUCK though.)

There's speculation that Apple will be expanding their horizons to other networks. (Brings a smile to many faces, I'm sure.)

Anyway, that's why iTunes does that. Even though it doesn't "warn"'s in the "Term & Conditions." I found out the same way you did. However, I called Apple and they (very nicely) pointed me to where in the T's & C's to look. HAHAHA!

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