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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

High Priority

High Priority

News flash!  Celebrities sell!  (Quite a revelation for the day, huh?)  And sometimes, the terrible celebrity news stories beat out real, very relevant news.  It makes me laugh and metaphorically cry in the same sitting.

One of my favorite news sources is, not because of it's articulate quality, but because I find the best examples of what I'm talking about.  (Actually, I hate reading the articles on because it's a maze to find them.  You click on the pretty headliner picture and you get taken to Marie Claire's dating advice, or worse . . . bing!)  To illustrate the lop-sided msn-scale-of-importance, I captured this screen shot yesterday:

First of all, political kids are no more news-worthy than my kids or your kids.  Second, who cares?  Sadly enough, people click on this article, read this article, tell their friends about this article, and read the subsequently-linked wonder wall about this article, and completely miss the one about the cure for HIV.  (Claimed, but not yet proven, that is.)  

I take a very neutral stance about finding a cure for HIV and AIDS, but I do think even the slightest hint of a cure is more worth reading than another review of Chelsea Clinton's wedding.  I appreciate news stations and sites that report on important topics, not Lindsey Lohan's rehab.  Maybe I'm just a little old school.  Please, MSN, if I'm going to be forced through your site on a daily basis in some way or another, at least give me an article worth my time.  (Seriously, please.)


Girly said...

Not to mention the one about homes being ripped apart in a rare twister. I would consider that extremely newsworthy.

Casey said...

This is so true! People are so jaded nowadays.


Sarah said...

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but... IT WAS 66 DEGREES TODAY WHERE YOU LIVE?!? You. suck.

Oh and true story about MSN. It's the worst.

AmberLaShell said...

Seems like that would be a much bigger story doesn't it?

@sarah,, I am from the same area, and it was 77 today! hahahahahahaha, I love texas

Cole Garrett said...

@ Sarah I live in Fort Worth, Texas. Texas just happens to be the hottest place between New Mexico and Louisiana! :-P

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