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Monday, November 22, 2010

Word Verification #15

Word Verification #15

Somehow, I basically missed a day last week.  As a result, I completely forgot about using Friday to post a Captcha.  So... what better day than today?  :)


1.  An exceptionally quick rodent

2.  An exceptionally quick and ill-moral-ed person


Jess said...

Quick rodent was what first came to my mind.

In my head I see a mouse on roller skates. Don't ask.


when I saw this word it reminded me of some sort of ointment you put on your private parts when things don't...uhhh...look quite right after shaving ;)

StrangeWeapons said...

The captcha I had yesterday was "far train"
AFter a few beers I read it as "fart rain", I think that is way better anyway. Good post though, captcha's are hilarious sometimes.

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