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Monday, November 15, 2010

Google Blindly

Google Blindly

A little while back, Google started guessing what you're looking for for you.  What I mean is, if you start typing something into their search box, suddenly the top searches form a drop down box.  That way, if you are searching for one of the same things everyone else is, you can just select it from the list.  (I suppose it saves you a couple seconds worth of typing the remainder of your query.  I mean, I'm busy, but not that busy.)  Sometimes, I set out to search for one thing and then get sidetracked to something else Google suggested.  And sometimes, it can be pretty entertaining.

If you start typing "can blind people see," Google flashes this list:

The first suggestion is legit.  And the last three are decent, too.  But the second, "Can blind people see the taste of cinnamon toast crunch," is just funny.

This list is essentially based on numbers.  In this example, for all of the people who started typing "can blind people see," these five phrases completed the string as the top five searches.  Apparently, somewhere between wondering whether blind people see dreams and whether blind people see their dreams, the great Google public wants to know if the seeing-impaired can see the taste of cinnamon toast crunch.  I couldn't help but laugh.  (Then, I seriously wondered whether this was a joke like the Google/Chuck Norris thing.  I honestly don't think so.)

Either General Mills is funding some twisted advertising campaign in cahoots with Google or we searchers are really this idiotic.  Unfortunately, I think it's the latter.


Jumble Mash said...

LOL I love seeing these! The results are usually pretty freakin' ridiculous and it makes me wonder what the rest of world knows that I don't.

Claire said...

Somehow I think it might be the idiotic searchers. Which is scary.

Marie83 said...

That's fricken funny! I love google and use it daily for research and it never fails... Something silly is always 'suggested' before I finish typing my question/search, lol :)

Rease said...

Haha that is excellent. I think this has been fixed by now but on Google maps if you tried to map out how to get from San Francisco to London it honestly had a section that instructed you to swim across the ocean.

Cole Garrett said...

@ Rease I remember someone showing me that one time, swimming across the ocean. Very funny.

JBUDD NEWS said...

try "obama is"

AmberLaShell said...

Google is really funny, you should go to the google maps and put your starting place as China and you destination as Japan,, they tell you to Jet-Ski over the ocean,,, funny!

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Jess said...

I see searches like that all the time when I use Google. I'll have to click the absurd option just to see where it leads me.

S.B. said...

My curiosity really got the best of me after seeing your post. I actually went to google to check it out. When I actually clicked on this phrase, turns out, there is a facebook page for this topic. Seriously! There is a facebook page titles "can blind peopel see the taste of cinnamon toast crunch." How ridiculous is that? Wow!

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