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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday 8/10

Coffee Flow

You kill it, you fill it.  That’s the unwritten law, at least.  (You know, someone should really write all those down.)  In Boy Scout camp, that meant you had to go get back in line and painstakingly wait for more lemonade while the other kids ate your seconds.  At home, that meant you had to refill the water jug in the refrigerator while your friends un-paused the video game you were all playing as they kill off your idle, helpless player in your absence.  In the office world, that means you have to put more paper in the printer.  You would do it for yourself, right?

When it comes to coffee, you don’t want to mess around, especially first thing in the morning.  If you take the last cup in the office at 7:31 in the morning, you better plan on filling that bad boy back up!  It’s bad karma if you don’t.  Here is a helpful chart to decide when to make more coffee:


Anonymous said...

This would apply to brewing coffee at Starbucks, too, right? I sometimes feel that I'm the ONLY one who keeps up with the brewing cycle. May I modify your illustration and post it up at work? :-) -Robyn

Cole Garrett said...

Of course. I was thinking about putting it up at work as well.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted this in the break room near our engineering department.

It has been defaced in two ways:

A new second path splitting off "Pot Empty -> Yes" going to a new decision: "Lazy?" with the "No" path continuing to "Make More Coffee" and a new "Yes" path leading to "Starbucks".

The other is off the "Less Than 1 Cup? -> Yes" path, adding a new decision "Did anyone see you?" with "Yes" continuing to "Make More Coffee" and "No" leading to "Return to Desk".

Cole Garrett said...

LOL, "did anyone see you?"

Seriously funny. Yeah, the coffee at our work is located beyond my department, so we would all have to be away to the bathroom or something for someone to slip by!


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