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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday 8/12


Luxury is becoming more and more of a relative term.  A simple example would be car ownership.  A pricey BMW to you might be a pocket-change, weekend beater-mobile for someone else.  That’s because not only is there an enormous income gap in the U.S., there is a huge gap in personal taste as well.  As a result, many product markets are becoming what we call hyper-segmented.  In other words, there is literally something for everyone. 

Have you seen the candy aisle at the grocery store?  It’s impossible to keep track of them all!  I’d be willing to bet there is at least one candy you would like (if not, half of them!).  The candy market is hyper-segmented.  Typically, on one end of every continuum of niche product markets is the luxurious category.  Obviously, you can buy luxury cars.  There’s luxury candy, too.  Does Godiva ring a bell?  (Do you want some chocolate now?) 

Well, there’s a relatively new realm of luxury: toilet paper.  Yep.  Luxuriously soft, starkly modern, stylish, and . . . still used for the same thing.   You know.

If luxury isn’t usually your thing, but you’re looking to step up the glam in one room of your house, why not start in the bathroom?  You spend a lot of time in there anyway (and it’s cheaper to redo than the kitchen).  Try shelling out upwards of twenty bucks for a six-pack of these bad boys:

I never thought I would say this, but that’s some pretty cool toilet paper.  If I had nothing better to spend my money on, I would definitely buy it and probably stick it in the guest bathroom.  It would definitely start some conversations when we have visitors. 

Not into black?  Don’t worry, it comes in other colors, like red, green, and orange.   But not brown.


KaLynn said...

Luxury toilet paper! What a kick in the 'youknowhwhere'! Too funny!! Thanks for the kackle today!!

Cole Garrett said...

Thanks. You should check out the Renova advertisements. They are funny because they're trying to be serious.

Anonymous said...

Everybody Poops!! Even rich people!

mandalyngregg said...

I don't know if i'd want to go into a conversation with someone who just used the bathroom. I guess if I had money coming out of my ass (pun intended), I would buy colored toilet paper. Hell, they make colored and printed diapers. The crazy things people make for $$.
I did it Cole! Aren't you glad I finally commented :)

Cole Garrett said...

I am glad. Now I can wait a while before I start bugging you again. ;)

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