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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday 8/18

Reader Shout Out

If you’ve ever been curious enough to scroll down Dry Humor Daily, you might have noticed this little gadget on the side:

This is a pretty basic hit counter.  The top number counts how many times any page on the site gets loaded.  The bottom number only counts every time a new visitor views the site.  How?  It’s top-secret-FBI-style-crime-solving-identity-tracking-software-that-if-I-told-you-I’d-have-to-kill-you sort of stuff. . . .  Just kidding (or am I?).  The internet just picks up any new IP addresses that come through.

Anyway, as of sometime last night (I’m pretty sure I was sleeping), the one thousandth unique visitor reached Dry Humor Daily.  In other words, a thousand different eyes have met these pages.  I suppose it’s more like two thousand eyes.  (Unless there are some avid, cyclopean readers out there.  You never know.) 

So officially, THANK YOU to everyone.

On a side note, the hit tracker can also pinpoint globally where IP addresses are feeding in from.  Interestingly, a little over 2% of hits consistently come from Malaysia.  That’s more than all of the other 18 non-US countries combined.  Extra thanks to whoever is over there!


Ups Downs All Arounds said...

Great Blog! I will have to look into getting me one for my page.

Google has something called Google Analytics. You can add it and see where the traffic is coming from and how many visits you get per day. It has graphs and reporting, so that you may following trending. It's much more in depth, if you are interested.

Cole Garrett said...

I check out google analytics from time to time. It's good, too. I just wish it updated more often. I follow my feed burner, too.

I think if you click the bottom counter of mine, it'll take you to the site where I got them. They're completely free. You just pick a few settings and copy/paste the html code.

Ups Downs All Arounds said...

Awesome! Will definitely look into that!

Hoi Sun said...

I wouldn't say I am the only one that read this blog, but I come back every one or two days since I first found this blog somewhere like May or June, with a different IP everytime. I do not have a fix IP, so I think a small part of the 1001 comes from a same person...

I like the way you look at things, with homor.


Hoi Sun said...

I wouldn't say I am the only one from Malaysia that read this blog, btw...

Cole Garrett said...

I figured as much. I know some people will use a couple of different computers so I know the count can be just a little skewed.

I'm very curious. How did you find my blog? I mean, you are allllllllll the way over in Malaysia. I don't think that could be much further from Texas.

Hoi Sun said...

Internet has no boundaries.

I found this blog when I was googling the difference between sarcastis and dry humor. I am hoping it could help me in attracting girls.

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