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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday 8/11

Family Time

“Got Milk? 

How many times have you heard that slogan?  About a million?  Well, considering the “Got Milk?” campaign has been around since 1993, a million might not be too difficult to imagine.  (That’s an impressive run, 17 years!)  If you were alive in ‘93, you probably saw a “Got Milk?” commercial either before Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, during Boy Meets World, or after Mighty Morphin Power Rangers . . . or, for all you sci-fi buffs, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Well, the slogan is kind of running dry (no pun intended).  Lately, milk is still trying to make a presence, but “Got Milk?” is slowly on its way out.  Meanwhile, new dairy dichos are popping up here and there.  The problem is: those are some very big shoes to fill!  For the most part, attempts have been downright tacky.  Here’s a good example:

“Milk brings the family together.”

I can’t speak for any family other than mine, but we never officially gathered for the sake of milk.  We certainly drank a lot of milk, though!  There may have been a jug of milk on the table whenever we all sat down together for a pancake breakfast, but it’s not like we took a family portrait with milk.  We never went to milk’s band concerts or got milk a Christmas sweater.  You know what did bring our family together?  Try Thanksgiving turkey.  Or birthday cake.  Heck, even pizza!  But milk?  Not exactly . . .

Sorry, national-milk-advocates-association-of-america (or whatever it’s called), try again.


Anonymous said...

Milk it does a body good!! i liked this on the best. because if you drank too much, it didn't really do your body good. I tried chugging a gallon once... bad idea, milk doesnt' taste good through your nose :-(

Cole Garrett said...

LOL. You probably shouldn't chug a gallon of anything all at once, much less milk. But thank you for the warning anyway.

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