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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Challenge "W"

Whew!  Almost didn't get it done, today!  And now, "W"!

W is for: Wyrd

A wyrd is fate personified.  Ever heard of the three fate sisters?  Yes, no?  Well, they're sometimes known as the wyrd sisters, "wyrd" being in place of "fate."  Weird, huh?  Er . . . I mean wyrd, huh?


baygirl32 said...

Weird is wyrd

Tara Tyler said...

the bird is the wyrd?
happy w day!

Title Loans said...

It almost looks like a misspelling of saying "Word" for the "cool" factor.

Marlee said...

I have heard of the wyrd sisters and always though it was spelled "weird"! (hand hits forehead). Ha Great post though, I'm glad I know now!!

Shelli said...

Good to know. :)

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