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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Challenge "P"

Earlier in the A to Z blog challenge, I brought up the word echopraxia.  It's not much of a stretch to relate today's word to it:

P is for: Pandiculation

Pandiculation is a word for stretching, often associated with yawning.  Just think.  If you were sitting in the front of a meeting or classroom, you could give a fake yawn and stretch and start an echopraxia and pandiculation wave.  Ha!  Have fun with that one.  :)

Quick note about pandiculation.  It does not have a verb form.  In other words, you can't say "pandiculate" in place of stretch.  Sorry, doesn't work.  But yay you, for thinking it if you did!


Tara Tyler said...

Thinking she could make the hour drive in twenty minutes was quite a pandiculation.
Not so good today, but it fits.
Happy P day!

Tara Tyler said...

my sentence, that is.
your word was great!

MMA Los Angeles said...

Nothing makes me happier then pandiculation after a long day at work. Sometimes sitting all day really gets to you!

umbrellalady said...

A little pandiculation goes a long way...

Cole Garrett said...

@ Umbrellalady Indeed it does!

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