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Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Challenge "I"

Onward to part 9 of the A to Z blog challenge:

I is for: Iceblink

Iceblink is a noun for a yellowish glare on the underside of a cloud, signifying ice beyond the visible horizon.  I know that seems pretty obscure, but bear with me.  What I really want you to take from this is the occurrence of a very rare phenomenon: an iceblink rainbow.

An iceblink rainbow is basically a white-ish colored rainbow, caused in part by iceblink.  Pretty cool, huh, a white rainbow?  I think it is.  Here is one of the few pictures I could find of one:

Happy Monday!


Sage said...

Never heard of one of these.. but fascinated to know about them thanks xx

Paige said...

my mind has just been blown.

Car Service Los Angeles said...

I've heard of the green dot on a horizon and sunset before, but I've never heard of an Iceblink. That's actually pretty cool, and I'm sure helpful to sailors who are looking for a course of navigation.

Laura said...

Absolutely stunning - I have never heard of these - what a great day just made better- thanks!
Your newest follower

Sue H said...

Never heard of an 'ice blink' - stunning pic though!


THE SNEE said...

I had no idea that the A to Z challenge could be so much fun! I like the idea of an ice blink. In fact, living as far north as we do, I think I've seen one of those, but never knew what to call it. Oh wait a minute. Maybe that was just a speck in my eye!

umbrellalady said...

The iceblink rainbow looks like a sun dog flipped down to earth...

Giggle, Laugh, Cry said...

I hadn't heard of that before either. Kind of cool!

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