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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Challenge "F"

I'd like to start by welcoming all of the new visitors to Dry Humor Daily!  Thanks for stopping by and taking interest!  I will be sure to hop back over to your sites and check them out if you leave a link!  (I don't get offended by comments with link backs.  More power to ya!)  Now . . .

F is for: Fuggy

I've been waiting for F day.  Isn't the unusual word choice obvious?  A word that could easily be confused with another highly recognizable word that begins with the letter F?  Fuggy is an adjective describing a poorly ventilated area.  It's kind of like muggy but with an "f."

For obvious reasons, I recommend using this word with caution.  (Kind of like "chit" or reading the abbreviation of "continue.")  For other obvious reasons, I recommend you find a way to use this word in some way or another.  For example:

You:  "Boy, it's really fuggy in here."
Stranger in the same non-air-conditioned elevator as you:  "excuse me?"
You:  "Muggy.  I mean muggy."
Stranger . . . :  "Um, okay, bye"

In retrospect, good luck with this one. :)


A Daft Scots Lass said...

I like!

Manzanita said...

Thanks for the word and the TIP. Think I'll leave this one for the printed page. Fuggy is as fuggy does.
Wanna buy a duck

Karen Walker said...

What a fun blog - so delighted I stopped by on the a-z challenge journey.

Mixed Martial Arts Los Angeles said...

This makes sense, because I always get hot wearing my Snuggie, and it's obviously because it's fuggy. The world is making sense now!

umbrellalady said...

This word is great because I can see having a lot of fun with it!

li said...

I wish I had known this word when I was a kid!

LAX Car Service said...

It really does sound like a watered-down profane word. I enjoy word posts, because it tends to be my "lesson for the day." I can see a lot of pants jokes stemming from this word...

GigglesandGuns said...

So many ways to go with this one and not all of them good. ;0)


Trisha said...

What, that's a word?!? I can't believe it! hehe

It sounds like a contraction of "f***ing muggy" :D

Sage said...

That's kind of like our Mizzle... where the mist is more like drizzle but not quite as heavy... love the wa languages change and adapt xx

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