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Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Challenge "S"

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your Easter weekend.

S is for: Soothfast

The folks at Alka-Seltzer only wish they had come up with this first.  Soothfast is actually another adjective for truthful or loyal.  Naturally, soothfast individuals tend to make good friends.

So that begs the question: what is the antonym for soothfast?  Agitateslow?


Tara Tyler said...

that's for soothe-fast, goofy!
for sooth!
the antonym would be lieslow! (ha ha hee)
happy s day =)

Tracy said...

Would work on a bottle of wine...or a box..whatever you're budget allows!

Cole Garrett said...

@ Tara I'll be honest. I had to look up Sooth after you said that. What do you know! We each learned something, today! :)

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