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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog Challenge "R"

It just occurred to me that we haven't covered any ism-s yet.  Well, what better day to start than today?  :)

R is for: Resistentialism

Resistentialism sounds like the belief in some sort of resistance.  If you've been following this blog's A to Z challenge, you'd already know that would be too obvious.  Resistentialism is much more sinister.  It is the theory that inanimate objects demonstrate hostile behavior towards us.  For example, you pour yourself a nightcap and jump in a nice bubble bath . . . and the phone rings.  Or when you're reaching for a light switch you've flipped a thousand times over, but in the dark, it seems like it keeps dodging your blind hand.  Or this is classic.  The traffic lights always seem to turn red when you're in the biggest hurry.

Resistentialism is the honest belief that these objects really are out to get you and that the seemingly inanimate are anything but.

So time to share.  :)  What inanimate object/occurrence makes you question your level of resistentialism?  I used to have a car with a faulty security system and sometimes wouldn't start because of it.  It always seemed to happen when I was on my way to work, LOL.


randomdanni said...

I'm one of those people who always has a bottle of water around me but as soon as I sit down, my water is almost always out of reach somehow.

baygirl32 said...

stairs, they are always tripping me, I can be walking up or down, but at least once I week I stumble

Tara Tyler said...

I LOVE this word!
My husband says my computer hates me because it always acts up when he's out of town, then he sits at it and it purrs. I like it, why doesn't it like me?
But my favorite is the smoke detectors - they ALWAYS go off in the middle of the night and it's so hard to tell which little bugger is the culprit cuz they go off intermittently. Aargh!

Sue H said...

The TV remote is my bugbear! Let me explain:

We recently bought two new TVs, a large one for the lounge and a smaller one for the adjoining conservatory. Both are the same make, but for some reason frequently when I use the remote control for the one in the lounge it will switch on the set in the conservatory! Doh! The lounge set will sit blank and I have to go into the conservatory to switch off the other set. Then I go into the lounge and try again. This time, the lounge set works fine, so I sit down. Within five seconds the conservatory set will suddenly switch back on, so I'm up out of my seat to go back and switch it off again. Doh!

And another thing - you have to point the remote very definitely to one side of the lounge set to get a response, but wave it in any other direction (even point it at the ceiling!!!) and the consrvatory set springs into life!

Weird! :-#

Kickboxing Los Angeles said...

I'm almost certain that every inanimate object is out to get me. The microwave, the toaster oven, stop lights, the remote- you name it. At least now I know there is a belief and term for it!

Little Lost Soul said...

Crikey! The thought of inanimate objects turning mischievous in the dark and dodging my grasp is extremely sinister! Might sleep with the light on tonight! Haha!

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