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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday 7/23

Look No Further

This is Post #100!!!  Thank you, everyone who is reading Dry Humor Daily!  As silly as it sounds, it means a lot to me.  Here's to a hundred more!

Ever wonder how and why certain sites show up first when you google them?  In case you're unaware, there's a little thing out there called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  In a nut shell, there is some crazy algorithm used for websites to get SEO ratings for page impressions, keyword searches, update frequency, blah, blah, blah.  (If you're seriously interested in SEO, you should google that, too.)  (Or there's also a good wiki out there.)  Anyway, the higher your "rating," the higher your site appears on the seemingly infinite list of websites google can find.  As of this morning, if you were to search for "Dry Humor" (not daily), then this website comes up as number 12 out of however many bazillion (8,630,000 to be exact).  Here's what it looks like:

The first thing I noticed is Yahoo Answers right below Dry Humor Daily.  Take that Yahoo Answers!  The curious of the world need to look no further than right here!  (I'll admit, not every post would necessarily fall under the category of dry humor, but I try.  The name of the site was more so chosen to describe me personally.)

The second thing I noticed is how close Dry Humor Daily is to the top of the second page of google searches.  Next stop, page one!!!

Thanks again, everyone.  :)

By: S. Cole Garrett


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