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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I arrived in Spokane on Sunday just after noon, so there was actually a little bit of time to do a little sight-seeing before crashing at the hotel.  Luckily, one of the people who works for the company we're visiting offered to take us around to a few touristy places.  We parked and as we started walking around downtown, our co-worker-tour-guide started rattling off things we might like to see.  It went a little something like this:

Coworker:  "So did you want to see the falls?"  (The Spokane waterfall)
Me:            "Sure.  Sounds fun."
Coworker:  "How about downtown?"
Me:             "Okay."
Coworker:   "The riverfront park?"
Me:              "Cool."
Coworker:   "The world's largest Radio Flyer?"
Me:              "Great . . . wait, the world's largest what?"
Coworker:   "Yep.  You heard me."

Lo and behold, we walk around the next block and there it was: the world's largest Radio Flyer.

Talk about random, bizarre tourist attractions.  Not only is the big wagon itself obscure, the idea is, too.  Radio Flyers originated in Chicago, Illinois.  Why in the world is there a gigantic, wagon mecca playground in Spokane, Washington?  This giant wagon is actually also a slide.  You climb up the stairs in the back, you see there, and the wagon's handle is a slide.  It's really meant for kids, but you better believe I went up there and took the slide down!  Who wouldn't?


A Daft Scots Lass said...

only in the states!!

Christine said...

I would have definitely slid down at least a few times!

Tara Tyler said...


Kickboxing Los Angeles said...

I was in Chicago a few years ago and saw a giant one in the park by Navy Pier. Maybe they moved it? But then again, I don't think there was a slide on that one... Lucky!

umbrellalady said...

It is so much fun just to let our inside kid out! Good for you!

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