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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Let's talk about hotels for a minute.  I like the hotel our company holed us up in.  The bed is huge.  The TV is nice (although I haven't turned it on yet and probably won't . . . it's still nice).  The room is quite spacious and has  all of the necessities, including mini-fridge and microwave.  Pretty sweet pad . . .

BUT . . .

What in the world is it about hotel continental breakfast that they just can't seem to get real eggs?  Why do they always used powdered eggs?  Or worse, powdered-egg-substitute!  I don't get it!

They have real yogurt, real oatmeal, real sausage, real bagels, real coffee, real etcetera.  But the eggs aren't?  Why?  Are they expensive?  No.  Are they difficult to prepare?  No (at least, probably not more so than the powdered ones).  Powdered eggs are an abomination to jentation!  They have about as much nutrition as they have taste: none.  It's as if the only deciding factor in choosing to go with powdered eggs is that they're yellow.  I mean come on!  I don't think a starving dog would eat them.

I wish I had every hotel's attention when I say: get some real eggs!  Quit being cheap.  Continental breakfast should be a perk, not a universal disappointment.

(I'm done ranting, now.  I'm gonna go eat some universal disappointments.)


A Daft Scots Lass said...


If you don't ask, you don't get.

Tara Tyler said...

are they better for you?
how do you know, did you watch them make them?
i must not be able to tell the difference (ignorance is bliss =)

Title Loans said...

Maybe you should start a protest out front supporting local farmers and real eggs! A lot of places do this; not just hotels. And it's not like we don't notice the difference. That is a good question- and it's not like we're in an egg shortage!

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