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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blind Date

Here's a bad setup:

I don't usually post one-liners, but this one was funny.  (And, I'm kind of short on time this week.)  Happy Wednesday everyone! 

PS:  Hope you all survived the tornadoes!  We were watching Pirates: On Stranger Tides and the theatre made us all go out into the halls to wait out the storm . . . ultimately, our movie started 2 hours late.  Boo!  Our date night turned into a late night.


Auto Title Loans said...

But aren't late-night, date-nights the best? Glad to see you survived; apparently my dad was that guy standing outside watching it. Sometimes, you have to wonder what people are thinking. How was the movie?


Cole Garrett said...

Movie was okay. It wasn't nearly as epic as the last two. But I enjoyed it anyway.

They made absolutely no reference to Orlando Bloom or Kiera Knightly's characters. I guess we're all assuming that it takes place after the last one, but it's not readily apparent. 3D wasn't worth it, though.

Auto Title Loans said...

When is 3D ever really worth it? (Besides Avatar) That's kind of disappointing that there isn't a reference, because for a full-circle, I would hope they would at least make an appearance in the last. But, I suppose that's what we get for having Johnny Depp somewhat in control. Never know what he's going to do!

Anonymous said...

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