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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday 5/20

Double Down

What sounds better than a heart attack?  How about a couple slabs of cholesterol and some sizzling sodium sticks slathered with indigestion squeezed between two heart attacks?  (Better drink some orange juice when you’re done to thin your blood if you want to live to see another day.)  That’s right, I’m talking about the Double Down from KFC.  Take a moment and bask…

 Pretty soon, doctors are going to stop saying, “what are you eating to make your cholesterol and blood pressure so high” and start asking, “how many double downs have you been scarfing lately?”  (and to them, the answer had better be less than 1.) 

Companies should definitely listen to the voices of their customers.  Products will ultimately be improved and enhanced.  It’s good for the company’s PR and, hey, customer like having a little say in the big bad world of fast food.  Unfortunately for our arteries, KFC listened a little too closely.  The commercials show grown men demanding “More Meat!” and “I’m still hungry!”  Well, they got it!  And since KFC can’t seem to sell you a salad to fill you up, they decided to just do more of what they do best: Fried Chicken.  Yeehaw! 

You know what else?  KFC just announced that the Double Down has been successful beyond their wildest dreams and they are going to keep on selling them longer than they had originally planned.  Haven’t tried it yet?  Rest assured, it’ll be around for a while. 

Only Americans could come up with foods like the 4+ patty BK Stacker, the McRib, and now the Double Down.  Big fast food empires continue to roll in their riches while we roll in our…rolls.

By: S. Cole Garrett


Dr. Heckle said...

Make it a "triple down" and then maybe we can file a lawsuit for assisted suicide?

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