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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday 5/21

The Finale, Finally!

Something BIG is happening this Sunday!  I’m not talking about World Turtle Day or Drew Carey’s birthday, either.  I’m talking about LOST.  Yep.  The final chapter in a lot of viewers’ lives will come to a close around 7/6 central this Sunday night.  And can I just say…thank goodness!

Season six has been frustrating beyond belief.  Week in, week out, we were promised answers to this and answers to that, and what did we get?  Answers to all the questions we had far less interest in, like how there are a bunch of dead people running around showing themselves to only certain people.  On top of that, more questions kept popping up in season six.  What the heck is up with the flash sideways?  How and why did John Locke get to be the smoke monster schmuck?  Most importantly, what is the island?  Purgatory?  Hell?  A dream?  A freaking snow globe? 

I don’t have the time and energy to pour into trying to decide and theorize about how it’s going to end.  I can, however, share with you the top three endings that I don’t want to happen.

#1  It was all a dream.  An entire empire of Lost fans would collapse around this ending.  A dream would be one of the all-time biggest let-downs in TV series finale history.  I don’t watch that many shows on ABC, or any network for that matter, but I would probably boycott ABC shows if this were to happen. 

#2  Jack wakes up in the bamboo field just like in the beginning of season 1.  He runs to the beach to find a new plane crash with people screaming and things exploding.  If things are going to come full circle in the finale of LOST, it had better not be all the way around.  It would be highly disappointing and lacking creativity. 

#3  If the show ends with a big, fat question mark.  Say, the island moves again, or the very, very last scene shows Locke still alive as the smoke monster.  As a corollary, if they fail to explain DHARMA and continue to leave us in the dark about the man in black, it would be highly frustrating.

Well, here’s to a great ending!  It’s going to be a nail-biter.


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