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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday 4/26

Bio Bag

Believe it or not, I actually read and usually respond to comments made on Dry Humor Daily articles.  Well, a comment made on the Earth Day article from last Thursday inspired me to take action.  The comment was this:

Have you seen the new bio degradable sun chips bag? It’s really cool... I guess.  But it’s really noisy, like, at least 10X louder than your standard potato chip bag.  It’s not ideal for trying to sneak a midnight snack.  Of course, it’s great if you’re super protective of your sun chips, then you would always know when someone eats them.”

I read this and what stuck out was the claim that Sun Chips bio degradable bags are at least 10 times louder than other bags.  I came to realize that I’ve never been curious enough to pick one up.  I certainly was after that!

I was grocery shopping the next day and lo and behold! 

The end cap of one of the aisles was promoting Sun Chips with bio degradable bags.  Hmm, I thought, I wonder just how much noisier these bags really are.  I pulled the kart over next to the display.  I looked both ways (like I was about to cross a street or something, I’m not exactly sure why) and reached out to grab one of the bags. 

Much to my embarrassment, the bags are, and I quote, “at least 10X louder than your standard potato chip bag.”  The three seconds worth of noise I created by touching that Sun Chips bag was almost equivalent to taking a three-foot strip of aluminum foil and crumpling it into one fist. . . and then un-crumpling it!  Good thing there weren’t any sleeping babies nearby.  They surely would have wakened. 

I’m here to save you from the same embarrassment, but if you insist on letting your curiosity get the best of you, too, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

By: S. Cole Garrett


Dr. Heckle said...

They need to make a bag that's edible. Then you don't even have to open it. Just start chowing from the top down...

Cole Garrett said...

Well, apparently, the bag won't hurt the Earth, so I'm guessing you could eat it and it wouldn't hurt anything. I'll let someone else do that research...

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