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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday 4/16


I feel like this sign should say something different.
Maybe it should be ‘Choose’ or ‘Either’. 
Or perhaps ‘Turn now, or forever hold your peace’.
I kept driving by this sign and I decided to finally stop my car and take a picture of it.  Just think, your tax dollars made this possible. 

By: S. Cole Garrett


black-spyder said...

I've seen signs where its the left turn only lane, with the left turn or go straight for the next lane over. Say you were to turn left, the next intersection would have the same set-up. It's at a bridge on the highway and people would use the left turn only lanes in substitution for the non-exsistant u-trun lane to get back on the highway. So they are sitting in a long line waiting for their "turn" to go, and they get mad as i pass all of them doing the same exact thing they are in the next lane over only more efficiently because I actually pay attention to the sign. I'm glad I took drivers ed.

black-spyder said...

Our tax dollars also pay for public school systems, and road signs that say "thru."

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