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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday 4/23


Do you know a rambler?  Someone who has absolutely no problem talking or hearing their own voice.  You can try to edge a few words in, but they just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.  So much to a point of exhaustion by listening.  I have a pet peeve with something ramblers do (and it’s not just because they waste my time . . . or if they have an annoying voice).  I think it’s best illustrated by example.

Do you know this person?

You should.  It’s Nadya Suleman (The lady who had six kids . . . and then eight more).  I know you’re probably as tired as I am of hearing about her.  Well, I was listening to her on a talk show in the background when I got home the other day.  She rambles!  No, she has a rambling problem!  (Is there an RA for ramblers anonymous?)  But you know what gets me?  It’s when someone asks themselves a question, and they don’t have an answer! 

It went something like this:  Nadya was talking along about how she would pay for all of those kids and nannies and so on and she said, “Would I go back and change any of the decisions I made?  Maybe.  Would I . . .”  (No one prompted her, she just asked herself the question.)

Maybe!?  (Seriously?  She said ‘maybe’?)  What kind of answer is that?  In my completely amateur opinion, if you ask yourself a question, you’d better have an answer!  Because if you’re answering your own questions with a ‘maybe,’ that could mean one of two things: either you’re a crazy or a rambler (amazingly, they sound a lot alike!) 

Wanna stay on the safe side?  Don’t ask yourself questions.  (Who does that anyway?  Oh yeah, her.)

By: S. Cole Garrett


Dr. Heckle said...

Yeah, she's amazing. AND classy. What a catch!

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