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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday 6/18

Devilish Looks

Lately, I have been catching up on movies I’ve somehow avoided up until now.  (Either I’ve been too busy, or too young when they first came out, or not even born yet.)  Most of them I am happy to have sat down to.  Others, I wish I had continued to miss.  Well, I just watched The Devil’s Advocate.  Keanu Reeves plays the southern lawyer who never looses and Al Pacino is the nefarious lord of the underworld. 

So, in usual form for me, I got to wondering (I know, that can be dangerous).  Is it a compliment to be cast as the devil?  Or is it a round-about way for someone to tell someone they have that evil look?

I’ve decided there are at least 3 different types of devils on the silver screen.  There is the kind where you paint the actor red, give him some horns and a pitch fork and voila!  Beelzebub!  It doesn’t really matter what actor you use, because you’re just using them for their voice.  (If you need a shining example, google Tim Curry in Legend.) 

Then, relating to my pondering from earlier, there are the actors cast to play the devil who walks among us.  Could you imagine being the casting director with that job: 

“Hey, Jack Nicholson, you have that devilish grin.  Wanna be Satan?  We’re doing The Witches of Eastwick.  It’s a hell of an opportunity!”

“Hi, Robert DeNiro.  We need a Prince of Darkness for Angel Heart.  You in?  Come on, Mickey Rourke already said yes!”

“Psst, Al Pacino.  We need a Lucifer for The Devil’s Advocate.  You can even keep your New York accent.  Whaddya say?”  Then he throws his arms up and says, “When do I start?”

I said there was a third type of devil in movies.  It’s a special type which we definitely need more of (See Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled).  One per year would be nice! J

By: S. Cole Garrett


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