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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue Red Box

So . . . redbox is everywhere, now, right?  Even Walmart jumped on the bandwagon.  Well, kind of.

I went to Walmart the other day (I know, shame on me, considering what I do for a living...) and I saw the new Walmart "red"box.  I didn't have the chance to take my own picture of it, so I googled it and found one immediately.  LOL.  It seems like I'm not the only one who was scratching their head when they saw this.

I'm all for co-branding, but come on, Walmart.  Making redboxes blue?  Low blow.

And I'm all for expanding your brand and your install base, but come on, redbox.  Show a little spine.


Anonymous said...

Where was this?

Anonymous said...

Was this photo taken in San Jose, Ca? Because I saw this one too.

Cole Garrett said...

I was living in Texas at the time. It must have been a Wal-Mart there where I saw it.

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