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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I recently bought the Fox and the Hound combo release from Disney's coveted vault.  It's cute.  It's pretty much exactly what I remember from watching it when I was a little kid.  The new release also includes the under-the-radar sequel, aptly named, The Fox and the Hound 2.  It actually wasn't as bad as some Disney shouldn't-haves.  The voice talent was good.

The singing was decent, too.  So I hopped over to IMDb to see who did all of the singing.  I knew Reba McEntire sang all of her own songs, but I wasn't sure if Patrick Swayze did.  Turns out he didn't.  But that's beside the point.  What I found funny in this endeavor was IMDb's recommendations for other movies I might be interested in:

Let's see:
-The original Fox and the Hound
-3 other sub-par sequels
-and . . . Venom?

Someone please connect the dots here.  What in the world do the 13 evil souls of Mr. Jangles have to do with cute, furry, talking animals and little red riding hood?  I think IMDb needs to rethink this recommendation algorithm a little.  :)

Here's the link if you want to see it yourself:


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That's hilarious!!

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