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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I understand the desire to be vegetarian.  I do.  It's generally healthy.  It saves our furry farm friends from the slaughter (supposedly).  And, hey, someone's got to be on that end of the American-Obesity-Bell-Curve.

But I'm thoroughly confused by things like this, which I saw at the grocery store earlier today:

What is America's obsession with meat?  Even vegetarians apparently seek meat-like products (otherwise, companies wouldn't be making them).  Why not just call them "Veggie Balls"?  Or Meatball substitutes?  Oh, I know . . . "Vegeta-balls"!  Because "Meatless" meatballs sounds silly...

Have you seen any odd products at the store lately?


Matt Conlon said...

I think the hope is that other meat eaters will mistake these for the real thing, and upon realization say "Oh! My goodness! How delectable! I don't have to eat meat anymore! Go Vegan!"

Truth be known, if it tastes as good, and has the same texture, I'm in. Until then, Meat it shall be.

But I have had similar thoughts, if you won't eat meat, either because you don't like it or you're making a statement, then why pretend?

...and what the hell are those meatballs made of that they look EXACTLY like meatballs, anyway? Seems like to get them to stick together like that, and taste similarly to meat, there'd be an awful lot of whacky synthetic additives and what not... We'll find out in 20 years that meatless food-making agents cause whatever follows cancer or something.

Cole Garrett said...

Lol. And 20 years from now, if the whacky synthetic additives DO cause cancer, it'll be too late! Convenient, huh?

Anonymous said...

Can't call them Vegeta-balls because of the 90s cartoon Dragon Ball Z. One of the characters on it was named Vegeta {Veg-ee-tah] and I don't think selling his balls as snacks would be a good idea for the market industry.

Anonymous said...

They are mainly made for people transisting from an omnivore diet to a vegetarian one; especially when it's for animal rights reasons (they aren't healthy, healthier than meat, but not really healthy.) It's made to be easier to transisting from something they are more used to without having a guilty conscious. (personally though I see the same concept if you don't want to eat "meat" why name it with the word "meat" in it.)

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